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Free Preset

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Photo editing is a way to transform your photos into not just pictures, but memories and works of art. It's allowed us to cherish our travels as beautiful moments in time captured by a single photo, and turn our passion for photography into a full time business.

But we know many customers wonder if presets are worth investing in and how they will look on their own images. Not every photo is the same, and so all our preset collections come with a selection of different filters to find the one that suits that particular lighting situation and vibe the best. But here's a free preset for you to try out and see first hand the magic that presets can bring to your photos :)

To install, check out our Mobile Installation Guide and visit our FAQ page for further support.

Don't forget to Tag @escape.artists.presets and use the hashtag #escapeartistspresets in your photos so we can see your edits and feature them on our Instagram page!